In recognition of Leiden Cabinet Company's business achievements and commitment to their community, Aetna donated $10,000 on the company's behalf to the Natural Areas Program at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Per the Aetna news release (October 27, 2004):
"Leiden Cabinet Company exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to its employees and commitment to the community that Aetna seeks to honor with its Small Business of the Year program, said William Berenson, Aetna's general manager of small group in the north central region. "Leiden stood out for its generosity of spirit, and its success in transitioning the business from one generation to the next without sacrificing the values of its founding grandfather."

"As a user of natural resources to manufacture our wood fixtures, we firmly believe that we must use our resources in a sustainable manner and preserve ecologically sensitive areas for future generations to enjoy," said Tom Leiden, President of the Leiden Cabinet Company and a member of the board of trustees of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. "These living ecosystems, remnants of our past, are living laboratories that researchers and students of all ages will be able to study and enjoy. Man's influence on the natural world is so pervasive that we have changed the course of natural progressions. These areas must be preserved through stewardship in order to survive, but stewardship is expensive. That is why I am so honored to be able to direct these funds in their direction."