Continuing the Legacy

The Next Step, Five Years in the Making: A Message from Tom Leiden

Tom, Melissa and Mike

Today is an exciting day for Leiden Cabinet and its customers. Melissa Hale and Mike Hopp, my two key executives over the last eight years, are the new owners of Leiden Cabinet. This ownership change is the logical next step in the life of Leiden Cabinet and has been five years in the making.

The future success of Leiden Cabinet is very important to me. I am the third generation of Leiden's to own and operate this, our family business. I have been honored to be the Owner/President of Leiden Cabinet these last twelve years- a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity for the company. Mike and Melissa were instrumental to this growth and prosperity.

This company has been an integral part of my life since the day I was born. As a child I went down to the plant with my dad to play with the sawdust or play soccer with some of the employees. When I was 18 years old, I worked during the summer loading trucks and sanding parts; lots of sanding. Then, in 1982 I officially joined the company. That was 33 years ago!

Over the last several years, it has become clear to me that the time was coming for me to turn the page and determine the next generation of leadership of Leiden Cabinet. I had numerous opportunities to sell Leiden Cabinet on the commercial market. But when I looked into the future - when I looked into the company's future - it was clear to me that Mike and Melissa were the most committed, capable and deserving people to own and operate the company. They will do that which is most important. They will continue the legacy that my family and I have nurtured and cherished for three generations: customer service, quality and integrity.

I believe in Mike and Melissa. They are Leiden Cabinet's fourth generation.

I look forward to continuing on with the company as a consultant. I will be working directly with customers and supporting Mike and Melissa in whatever way makes sense for the company, its customers and its employees. To all of Leiden's customers, I say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for letting Leiden Cabinet be of service to you and your organization. It has been, and will continue to be, our greatest honor.

Introducing the Fourth Generation: A Message from New Owners Melissa and Mike

What an exciting time for us and the Leiden Cabinet team. We cannot thank Tom and Kathy Leiden enough for trusting us with the future of Leiden Cabinet and allowing us the opportunity to carry on the Leiden legacy. The dream of owning this historic, family oriented company started as a simple conversation with Tom over 5 years ago and has grown into the exciting reality we attain today. This would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of the entire Leiden Cabinet team of employees and management.

During these last 5 years, we have worked closely with Tom to take our common vision of providing the highest level of customer service and quality products to new levels each year. Tom has been an integral part of the success of the company and we are thankful that he will remain as a member of our team. Tom will help us transition into our new roles as President / Owner by staying on as a Consultant to the company.

Tom is a third generation Leiden family member to own and operate Leiden Cabinet. We could not be more humbled to accept the role of Leiden’s fourth generation. We are very proud of all we have accomplished together with Tom, and look forward to carrying on the legacy the Leiden family has built over the last 74 years.